You can pay your purchases by following options:

  • Paypal. Direct payment from your Paypal account (required active Paypal account)
  • Skrill. Direct payment from your Skrill wallet (required active Skrill account)
  • Credit card:
    • Using Paypal payment gateway. Paypal requires simple registration during checkout process in this case in addition to filling usual fields for processing of credit card
    • Using Skrill payment gateway. This method does not require any registration, you just need fill fields with credit card information in Skrill payment form

Important information for Credit Card processing

  • Only owner of Credit Card can pay placed order. Using Credit Card by third persons is prohibited
  • Billing address of placed order should matched billing address of Credit Card exactly (same name, address, state, country e. t. c.)
  • Shipping address can differ from billing address, but payment gateway will mark such transaction as fraud in 90% of cases and will not process it

Cancellation of order

Buyer can cancel order and receive payment back if order was still not processed. We usually process orders within 3 working days, so buyer can cancel order during this period. But if order was processed, we cannot cancel order and further it can be cancelled only as return of goods, according our terms of return.